Finding full-time candidates that fit.

We find full-time candidates that fit and make sure they are perfectly placed.

With the increasing demand across the country for experienced Healthcare IT consultants, many hospitals are facing staffing shortfalls of 15% - 30% to meet their current project demands. Simple solution, right? Just hire more consultants. Wrong. Hospitals are operating under tight budgetary constraints and must locate dedicated and experienced full-time hires to close their staffing deficiencies. That’s where we come in.

As one of the most experienced Healthcare IT professional services firms in the U.S., ALSC helps you find the right full-time candidates for your unique needs. How? It’s not about the number of candidates screened for a position; it’s all about “fit”. We get to know the needs, values, beliefs, and principles of our clients. Then, our Direct Hire Recruiters focus on matching skills, culture, and personalities. 

This hands-on approach leads to much better results, including better quality placements from day one and much higher employee retention down the road.