Professional Solutions.

We offer excellent proffessional solutions that will match your needs.

When businesses are growing rapidly and the needs outpace the internal recruiting capabilities, we step in with large scale solutions. Depending on the need, this can range from a deep search targeting a single uniquely qualified industry leader to a rapid growth staffing situation where we train and manage a team of up to 50 recruiters tasked with a specific hiring initiative. 

Businesses also come to ALSC when they have need of a reliable organization to provide payrolling services. ALSC has provided payrolling for teams of up to 200 people. This includes onboarding, benefits administration, payroll and C2C disbursements, project reports, and year end documentation.

Recent projects include:
  • Payrolling of a 175 person team of short term resources for a single project. Included onboarding, payroll and benefits administration.
  • Outsourcing the corporate hiring initiatives of a national firm with staff ranging from 20 to 40 on-site recruiters on-boarding between 30 and 50 direct hires per month.
  • Outsourcing all major Healthcare technology hiring initiatives of one of the top global consulting firms. 
  • Outsourcing the direct hiring of 15 Healthcare technology managers and senior managers for a global consulting firm.
  • Outsourcing the recruiting of 30 subject matter experts for a national leader in Healthcare consulting.