How we do things efficiently and quickly.

Unlike other consulting companies, ALSC has a better, more efficient approach.

There are a few things that separate ALSC from typical consulting firms. We bring fresh approach to creating perfect placements. Here’s how we do it:

Critical Mass

ALSC has over 10 recruiters dedicated to identifying and activating the best Healthcare IT talent in the country. We make hundreds of phone calls every month developing relationships and building trust with our candidates. This is the only way to effectively match the right opportunity with the best person.

Wide network

With one of America’s largest Healthcare technology-specific candidate databases, ALSC can tap the right resource at the right time. We have over 2,000 HIT candidates in this database.

Local emphasis

We prefer to use local talent whenever possible. This helps to increase synergies with the rest of the team and increases efficiency and job satisfaction by eliminating travel and/or relocation.

Comprehensive web-based assessment

We are the first in our industry to combine the attributes of personality assessments with the comprehensive Skills Assessment in one simple-to-use, web-based evaluation tool. It makes it easier for us and our clients to get to find the right fit faster.

Recruiting Passive and Active Candidates

Our experience has shown us that 15-20% of the workforce is actively seeking new employment and around 20% of the workforce is not. The remaining 60% is a mix of passive and active behaviors. Our internal research also indicates that higher-quality and more senior-level candidates are more passive than the population at large. This means that a significantly larger percent of the exceptionally qualified workforce is passive rather than active. This is the basis for our recruiting philosophy. We develop deep relationships with candidates from various areas of the Healthcare IT market, and keep them abreast with any opportunities that would interest them. When the perfect position comes along, we then present the opportunity and help the candidate through the recruiting process.